Kyrja's Kreations

First Shard of Light


 In order to stop the brutal War of Magics raging within the mortal plain, Ri’Lanna, the Goddess of Light, allied herself with the God of Warfare, to imprison her brother, the God of Thunder, within the celestial plain. Not only did the Goddess betray her brother, but she also tricked the God of Warfare by stealing magic from the rest of the known world. Ri’Lanna then created a place of salvation for a few handfuls of her faithful, within a small nation she has named the Beqa’vah. But in stealing magic from the rest of the known world, Ri’Lanna unknowingly unbalanced the cosmos, creating a thinning in the fabric that is the membrane between the world of the living and the emptiness of the Void, where those who have earned eternal damnation reside.

Fortunately for both the humans who occupy the mortal plain and their divine counterparts, Ri’Lanna’s half-sister, Zarta, the Goddess of Flame, has foreseen the eventuality of the barrier between the worlds failing and has taken steps to prevent the collapse of the universe by sundering the soul of one of her faithful followers, placing a half of the soul into the bodies of a set of twins separated at birth born within her sister’s protected domain.

Danas, the boy, grows up to become a devoted disciple in the Attendant Orders of the Goddess of Light, while the girl, Yachana, is deemed “Zarta Touched” at birth, condemning her to a lifetime in the dark of a cave lit by the flame of a single candle. Her simple needs are met by a group of mystics calling themselves the Daughters of the Flame, providing for the girl in the hope she will be the prophesized oracle who will one day release the souls of all of Zarta’s servants, both living and dead, during the apocalypse that will save humanity from the destruction their Red Goddess has foreseen.

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Shattered Prophecy

As King Keyjr’s Whitestar Companion, and responsible for his liege’s safety, Shaun fails utterly when he ignores dreams foretelling of the king’s death by his own lover’s hand. 


Raised to hate magic, he is unaware he was born to correct a grave error made in the distant past, and only reluctantly sets out to find a woman made of stone when his dreams become insistent.  Already blamed for the king’s death, he and his lifemate, Seth, set out to unravel the mysteries mounting around them. 


Together, the two men travel to an alternate reality where Shaun learns the woman he is seeking is the king’s supposedly long-dead sister.  Here, too, he learns he is supposed to employ powerful magic by wielding two powerful ruby talismans to reunite those shattered realities.  The king’s sister has one of those talismans, but the other is lost.  Without it, Shaun cannot hope to restore order. 


Back in Shaun's home realm, the queen, too, is in pursuit of the ruby - as is Wizard Ametz, trusted councilor of generations of royalty , who has a nasty secret or two up his sleeve, not to mention an agenda of his own.


Shattered Prophecy is a full-length, fantasy-genre novel; the first in the "Unclaimed Crown" triology.  This novel is currently being shopped for an appropriate publisher.