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Gatekeeper's Choice Series



The "Gatekeeper's Choice" series imparts important messages of self-worth while the story unfolds its mysterious underbelly, winding through the generations to reveal the choices made - and the price for those choices.


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Mi's Search for Beauty

In a time and land when death is regarded as the “Realms Beyond,” where surviving children are expected to offer their prayers and services so their ancestors may reach the “Golden Realm of Light,” spirits are known to cause havoc for their own means. Sooshay and Keylei, both disdainful of the stifling moors of their traditional culture have forgotten this lesson, so are caught painfully unaware when their sixth daughter, Mi, is born. Five daughters were foretold; no more and no less, with no sons. The terrifying changes this sixth daughter unwittingly brings with her touches each member of her family. Ignorant of his own role in the chaos that follows, Sooshay seeks the advice of a mysterious old family friend, placing Mi and all of her sisters in danger.
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Mi's Search for Beauty Book Trailer

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Beauty's Children



 Kyoei. Kodokuna. Daiji. Each is a daughter of Mi, the unforetold sixth daughter of Sooshay and Keylei, who was turned into an enchanted freak by her older sisters, complete with wings and a mermaid tail. Each has lived without her mother, but none has escaped her touch. Each daughter’s tale speaks of Mi’s own journey to accept her sisters’ charge of loving herself first and best in order to break the terrible spell. And now, more than two decades after Mi was tricked in her unique form, the spirits of the ancestors who once guided her older sisters to trap her, have returned. The children of Mi are now called to witness her worthiness to become the Guardian of the Gateway to the Realms Beyond.

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Beauty's Children  Book Trailer

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The Price of Beauty


 Majo had been the Gatekeeper for more than 700 years, guiding souls into the Realms Beyond and keeping the demons from the land of the living, before tricking the young Mi into taking her place. Eager to earn entry into the Golden Realm of Light, five spirits of Mi’s long-dead ancestors had aided Majo in manipulating each of her sisters in turning her into a freak. Majo’s plan went awry, though, when the sisters used the terrible gifts of their ancestors’ power to transform Mi, but left her with a narrow way in which she might redeem herself.

Tasked with learning to love herself in order to avoid her fate as Gatekeeper, she knows the the spirits of her ancestors are gathering once more, twenty-five long years later, bringing both her sisters and her daughters to witness whether Mi’s search for beauty has finally come to an end, or if one of them must take her place. 




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"Mii's Search for Beauty" Reviews:

Dear Reader (11/02/2012):  5 Stars.  "Reads like a classic.  I loved how this story held all the charm of a classic tale with a definite Eastern feel to the characters and setting. There are important messages both clear and more subtle woven throughout. I particularly appreciated how the decisions made by the characters were not defined in strict terms of right or wrong, good or bad but rather invited the reader to reflect on the outcomes. The ending at first seems a bit abrupt, but also encourages the reader to think, reflect and decide individually how it all may work out. I would very much like to find out the particulars of how the author envisions this fable progressing and read further adventures in Mi's quest. I found myself sucked in to this tale and ultimately wanting more! What more can we ask for in a written work?"


Hugh B. Long (a.k.a. Eoghan Odinsson - Award Winning Author of "Northern Lore")  (10/22/2012: 5 Stars.  "A heart Warming Journey.  Mi's Search for Beauty is a heart-warming story that reads like an old Japanese folk tale, but is told via our thoroughly modern language. I enjoyed every finely crafted sentence.

Kyrja's writing is truly artful and her telling of this story was like taking a relaxing vacation; Kyrja took me on a peaceful journey into the world of Sooshay and his daughter Mi - captivating.  You are sure to have a wonderful journey reading Mi's Search for Beauty."

J.K. Dark (Author of "Dark Thoughts & Dark Forces")  (10/19/2012): 5 Stars.   "A Thing of Beauty.  I would highly recommend this book to every parent. The lessons told in so few pages, are the lessons of a lifetime. In this book, Kyrja crafts characters that represent well the virtues of honor, respect, compassion, justice and loyalty.

This is the type of book that is passed down from generation to generation, bookshelf to bookshelf, and saved as a reminder of the life lessons instilled in us by loving, caring mentors. It is a treasure for Parent and child alike.  Tolstoy once said `What a strange illusion it is to suppose that beauty is goodness.' This book validates his statement, in a beautiful and descriptive manner. "


Judy (10/18/2012):  5 Stars.  "Discovering who we are.  This was a delightful book that I couldn't put away; I became captivated as the story line pulled me in, page by page. I particularly enjoyed the fascinating choice of words that made me feel as though I were transported to a time that seemed far away and long ago. I was truly entertained by the majic of it all. Kyrja has the unique talent of being able to blend the mystical with the mysterious, and she wove an intriguing tale that captured my imagination. And she left open the possibility of a sequel, as it would be fun to read more about the exploits and fate of this mysterious family."


Angie M. "Pagan Writer"  (10/04/2012):  5 Stars.  "A Modern Myth.  "Mi's Search for Beauty" is captivating! It will grab you by the ears, pull you in, and transport you into another world.  This is the kind of story that I want to share with my growing family and hope to see more like it from this talented author. "


Nyxie (10/03/2012)  4 Stars.  "Great short story!  This is a great short story to help teach young people that beauty is really only skin deep. I wish I knew what happened to Mi, I hope there is a sequel."


Maureen L. Thomas  (09/27/2012)  5 Stars.  "Right to the Point.  I must say that having read all of her other Rupert Tales that this is quite a departure from what I am use to reading. It is a tale of Mi who is beauty personified. But, it is also about how we see ourselves when people around us label us as a certain thing. It hits home for a lot of people who have been labeled their whole lives by well meaning or not so well meaning family and friends. We soon learn to live up to or down to what ever that label is. It makes you think about who you really are despite the names applied to you your whole life. We really are more than any name thrown at us by well meaning relatives, bosses, or friends. We are complex and there is no name that describes us. Excellently written it brings this point home like nothing I have read before."


Rob Bayne (09/27/2012)  4 Stars.  "A Different Kind of Tale.  Mi's Search for Beauty is quite a departure from Kyrja's other stories about a curious rabbit. It does, however have lessons to impart and it does so in quite an enterning way. The reader is transported to a time long ago when worshiping one's ancestors was a part of everyone's spiritual practices. On the surface the tale teaches the importance of honoring your obligations. This is the lesson learned by Mi's father Sooshay. Once he does what the Ancestors ask of him, his family prospers. All is well until the birth of his last daughter, Mi. It is then that life deals the family a cruel blow. The remainder of the story deals with the ramifications of the birth of his youngest daughter and her eventual fate. In these later pages there is a deeper message. In order to be able to love, you must first love yourself. If you love yourself, what other's call you will not matter, for you will be able to define who you are.  I found the story easy to read and enjoyable. I would recommend this story for children 8 and above."


Patrick L. McCleary  (09/24/2012)  5 Stars.  "I was interested in reading this after her Rupert books, and I was not disappointed in the least. Even though this book is in a very different vein then the author's other books, it is a fantastic piece. The ending reminded me very much of one of the old classic fairtytales as opposed to a 'Disneyfied' version of the stories.  So of course I would recommend this for kids around 8 and up. Including adults.

The story sucked me in and kept me on the edge until the end. Which, as all good children's books should be, was full of morals and lessons.  So pick up a copy and read it with your young children, especially your daughters. I highly recommend it!"