Seed and Read Library Seed and Read Library Come on in! Here, at The Glitter Dome, we like to do a number of interesting things, most of which help to make our neighborhood and little corner of the world a better place to be 194375188 You are welcome here We've done a lot of work in the hope of helping to make our visitors feel comfortable in our library areas. 194375189 Recycled Greenhouses Inspired by my own love of reading, along with the fact that our work as a charitable organization, as Hands of the Goddess, has brought us a large number of books to be able to provide freely to others, we finally decided to move ahead with the idea of a free lending library when the zipper on my greenhouse broke. And then a friend generously offered another, smaller greenhouse for us to use as well, so now we had one for adult books and one just for kids! 194375190 Ready for visitors One look at our home, The Glitter Dome, should provide a clue or two that we are serious about reducing, reusing, and recycling. And so was our library born. Not satisfied to simply stick a bunch of books in a greenhouse, we have done some work to help create an interesting little nook which we hope our friends and neighbors will enjoy. 194375191 Grow your own food too And, because we grow food ? not lawn ? we have a modest garden, the fruits (and vegetables!) of which we enjoy sharing. So, too, do we have an interesting stock of seeds which we are eager to share with those interested in growing their own fresh food items. There will, undoubtedly, be a few surprises along the way which we hope you will enjoy. We ask you to be considerate of others by only taking a few seed packets and making sure everything is tidy when you leave. Please help us to keep our ?Seed and Reed? Free Share Library a pleasant place to visit. Thank you. 194375192