South Side South Side Added December 2011 Smile! 172958795 Added January 2012 Randy created our Sacred Space using a very special gift of previously-used, beautifully-infused bricks from another Circle where we once celebrated with friends. 172958796 Added June 2012 This chair was found in the garbage in pieces and was perfect to represent the Element of Earth in our Sacred Space. 172958797 Added November 2012 The "Guardian" - who once stood for many years close to our house - now separates our Sacred Space from the rest of the world. 172958798 Added November 2012 This is the West side of The Guardian. 172958799 Added December 2012 I'll bet you can guess which direction is which by just looking at this picture! 172958800 Added December 2012 More "garbage art" added when we found this wheelborrow in a neighbor's garbage. 172958801 Added January 2013 Yep - you guessed it - this came from someone else's garbage and is now a place where grow plants! 172958802 Added January 2013 And yet ANOTHER wheelborrow found in a neighbor's garbage. Looks much different now than when we first found it. 172958803 Added January 2013 This bench has been a part of our home for many years, but now it has a fresh coat (or two) of paint! 172958804 Added January 2013 We are finally growing strawberries in our tire gardens! 172958805 Added January 2013 We added lights to the East side of The Guardian. They are beautiful at night! 172958806