North Side North Side Added December 2011 Rupert!!! 172954727 Added January 2012 Randy loves The Glitter Dome! 172954725 Added January 2012 We have several animals, here on the North side of the house. 172954730 Added January 2012 Do you recognize this fella? Do YOU speak for the trees too? 172954729 Added February 2012 Can you see the Trufala trees? 172954732 Added May 2012 You can call him "Flower!" 172955135 May 2012 Just look at how many friends we have now! 172955136 May 2012 We had a "Rupert's Tales and Tunes" at The Glitter Dome and invited all our friends. 172954726 Added July 2012 This was abandoned and in pieces, but we found it on one of our many walks around the neighborhood and brought it home. 172954731 Added August 2012 The frog on top of the window was added on the day I transitioned from the Element of Water into the Element of Earth in the Elemental Witchcraft Tradition. 172954733 August 2012 Can you see Brody the bat hanging out here too? 172954734 Added November 2012 A very colorful giraffe is our newest friend, here on the North side of the house. 172954728