Bits and Pieces Bits and Pieces Dragonflies These are made of metal and are currently outside. 172503709 Fish Also made of metal and also outside. 172503710 More fish. These are inside fish. The coral is painted with black light paint, so it really looks pretty with the lights out. 172503711 Gargoyle! This little guy is a real charmer and is usually found holding the front door open 172503712 Flora the Frog She was once white. 172503713 Glass Mushrooms. These are some of the "mushrooms" I made out of vases and bowls. Oh - and there's Sharee the snail too. 172503714 Dream Shells Created for Rupert's "Mermaid and Seashells" story, which will be in our "Bedtime Stories" book. 172503715 Penguins! These little friends were made from 2-liter bottles. 172503716 More Bottle Buddies And now I am using 16 oz and 20 oz bottles as well as the 2-liter bottles. And I'm expanding my line of friends here, with an owl! 172503718 Green Giraffe She was once white. 172503717 Very colorful friends. She is Z'Lama and he is L'zama 172503719 Wide-eyed These wooden owls can be found on the North wall of our living room. Their eyes glow in the black light. 172503720 Now you have no excuse... ... because you have a round tuit.... 172503721 By any other name ... This is a candle holder. 172503722 Chomp! My work boots. Can you see? 172503723