Be Our Guest! Be Our Guest! Come on in! 2012 - I was still painting the roof. 169241195 Pre-Kyrja Beige. This was Randy's home before I arrived. 172504345 Some color Some of the first things I painted outside were the posts and the swing. Purple. No surprise there, right? 172504347 Some more color And so it begins ... 172504346 Wow! Lots of changes here! 172504348 Even MORE color! Recycled tires to create raised garden beds. 172504351 Tire Gardens We now have strawberries and blackberries planted in all of these. 172504349 Something to crow about This little guy is no longer all black! 172504350 Mine! There are three of these guys on the front porch 172504352 Waves So you can see the steps better in the dark. 172504353 Splash in! The whole porch is painted with scenes from Finding Nemo. 172504354 East The front door faces East, so I painted a sunrise to honor the God. 172504356 Follow the .... Yellow Brick Road! 172504357 No ... I did NOT spill the paint! 172504358 Home! There's no place like home! 172504359 To light your way Not exactly a candle stick ... 172504361 Lumiere is here, to invite you to be our guest! 172504362 2013 A lot of changes have been made in 2 and a half years! 172504360