Kyrja's Kreations


Lucky you!  You have successfully reached Kyrja's Kreative Korner where you can take a peek at the various projects with which I am involved.  Click on the tabs above to move between pages.

Rupert's Tales

The Gatekeeper's Choice Series

The Monster Got Mom

First Shard of Light - the first book in the "Shards of LIght" series

The Glitter Dome - including the "Seed and Read" Free Share Library

Pooka Pages - I am delighted to be on the Pooka Pages Team as a semi-regular contributor

Hands of the Goddess

The Elemental Witchcraft Tradition


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p.s.  If you are a Star Trek: The Next Generation fan, you may want to step through this wormhole to read a story I wrote once upon a time ago.  Take a chance - you never know where the adventure will lead!